Career Transition

Layoffs Are Hard. Cenera Can Help.

Layoffs take their toll; not only on the individuals directly impacted, but on the whole organization.

Calgary businesses continuously make changes in staffing based on economic and performance drivers.  For more than twenty years, Cenera has supported organizations through the difficult process of employee terminations.

Cenera’s Career Transition team can help you navigate employee terminations in a way that ensures your transitioning staff retain their dignity, your HR team have the support they need and the negative impact on the rest of your organization is minimized.

Providing Career Transition services also ensures you do the right thing by the people who have served you, but whom you can no longer employ.  Employees who are provided with Career Transition services are proven to make the step into new employment faster than those who aren’t.

When jobs are on the line, so are reputations.  Doing the right thing now will ensure that your ability to hire successfully in the future isn’t compromised.

Cenera’s Career Transition services include:

  • Termination planning and advice
  • Advice on severances and company-wide communication
  • On-site termination support
  • A team which is chosen to ‘fit’ with the level and demographic of your terminations
  • Individual logistics in the wake of termination
  • A genuine and personal approach and concern for the well-being of your team

Your transitioning employees will receive the following* on your behalf:

  • Valuable one-to-one coaching
  • Dedicated consultant for each employee
  • A wide variety of workshops: undertaken at our Calgary HQ or your location of choice
  • Resume support
  • Strategic job search planning
  • Access to a corporate database for job research
  • Networking events
  • Psychometric testing
  • Retirement planning (non-financial)
  • Access to Cenera’s extensive online resources, which supplement personal coaching

*Additional resources inc. financial planning, start-up business workshops and many more upon request.

Contact us to find out how your organization could benefit from Career Transition services.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Cenera provided excellent career transition services. The courses were very helpful, especially Start Your Own Business, financial planning and resume building. My overall experience with Cenera greatly surpassed my expectations. I am grateful for the help."