The Power of Potential

Smart businesses know that their greatest asset is their people.

Sharp recruitment strategies secure talented employees, managers with great leadership skills and directors, consultants and partners with strategic vision.

Helping these people to reach their own personal and professional potential will ensure they’re empowered to contribute to your success for years to come.  Coaching is proven to improve talent retention, employee engagement, motivation and productivity.

What is Coaching?

Teaching a pilot how to fly by giving them a tour of the flight deck, teaching them the theory of flight, putting them in a flight simulator and giving them a pep-talk as you strap them into the cockpit is unlikely to work.

They might get the plane off the ground but it’s unlikely to be a smooth ride (or landing!).

At Cenera we know that everybody is different: everybody learns in different ways, has their own personal anxieties and insecurities and their own motivators in life.

By coaching people to increase their effectiveness and impact, rather than telling them what they need to do differently, we get them there faster, more confidently and in a way that creates sustainable change.

Cenera has a team of more than ten qualified coaches in Calgary; that makes us one of the biggest coaching teams in the city.  We cost competitively, on a project basis, and we’re always transparent with the goals we set for our clients.

Developmental areas to consider:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Developing direct reports and others
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Managing complexity
  • Dealing with trouble
  • Focussing on the bottom line
  • Managing and leading change
  • Perseverance
  • Inspiring and motivating others
  • Political savvy

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our relationship with Cenera stretches back almost ten years. What has made the relationship so successful over that time is their focus on getting to know and understand their customer’s needs; rather than a prescriptive approach."