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Navigating The FOIP Act Can Be Complex. Cenera Can Help.

In both Alberta and Saskatchewan, all public bodies must comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act and the Local Authority FOIP Act, but effectively understanding the full scope of a FOIP program while juggling other job responsibilities can be a big undertaking.

Cenera’s Privacy and Information Management team take the guesswork out of FOIP. We offer expert training to FOIP and LA FOIP managers and a wide range of provincial, municipal, school, university and health officials – accelerating awareness, learning and expertise while helping public bodies fulfill their mandate to train all employees on relevant legislation.

Training Will Cover How And Why You Must…

Respond to right of access requests for your public body information

Handle personal and confidential information responsibly

Prevent and respond to information security incidents

Why Cenera?

“Fantastic course! The facilitator was interesting. I felt there was a lot of information to absorb. Group participation was great. I would love to have the opportunity to attend another course. So much valuable information.”

Cenera FOIP Training Attendee

Protecting and balancing access and privacy is essential to your public body.

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