Information Management And Governance Systems

Govern Your Information So It Works For You.

Information is notoriously difficult to control. Too often, businesses look to band-aid solutions or expensive document management tools to solve their information management problems. It’s important to remember that Information Governance isn’t just about bringing all your information services under one roof. At Cenera, we design and implement Information Management and Governance systems that serve your unique business functions and regulatory requirements. With a consulting history spanning 25 years, our consultants know the industry’s standards, methodology and pitfalls.

  • I can’t find the information I need.
  • Nobody’s following information policy and procedures.
  • We create and keep too many / too few records.
  • There are too many regulatory requirements I don’t know about.

How Can Cenera Help?

Our Services Include

  • Business Functions Analysis
  • Functional Classification and Taxonomy
  • Retention Scheduling
  • Information Organization, Storage, and Retrieval
  • Information Management Policy Creation
  • Records Management Implementation, Training and Change Management

How We Help?

  • Improve user participation in information management process.
  • Identify and Prioritize your information risks.
  • Position your organization to embrace a rapidly changing information future.
  • Ensure Compliance with information laws and regulations.
  • Support effective retrieval and use of your information.

If you’re ready to tackle your Information Management and Governance challenges, get the expert support you need from Cenera.

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