Our Team


Jennifer Doiron
Jennifer DoironPartner
An experienced transition expert and trusted advisor to her clients, Jennifer Doiron is a steadying force leading organizations through restructuring initiatives and other complex workplace situations…

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Joan Dunlop
Joan DunlopPartner
With a powerful combination of privacy and information management expertise, Joan is an engaging speaker, dynamic motivator, and trusted advisor. Known for her infectious enthusiasm, Joan makes access and privacy legislation accessible, understandable and engaging…

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Rick Klumpenhouwer
Rick KlumpenhouwerPartner
A passion for strategic information management and a strong academic background make Rick Klumpenhouwer a highly capable advisor for those seeking to integrate compliance with real-world management…

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The Cenera Team

Amanda Neale
Amanda NealeSenior Consultant, Associate
Amanda Shaw
Amanda ShawAdministrator
Andy Kinmonth
Andy KinmonthSenior Consultant, Associate
Angela Pedrini
Angela PedriniSenior Consultant, Associate
Brian Palmer
Brian PalmerSenior Consultant
Bruce Wade
Bruce WadeSenior Consultant, Associate
Deanna Picklyk
Deanna PicklykSenior Consultant, Associate
Elizabeth DesCamp
Elizabeth DesCampSenior Consultant, Associate
Eric Dulong
Eric DulongConsultant, Associate
Jeff Goddard
Jeff GoddardSenior Consultant
Jim Franks
Jim FranksSenior Consultant, Associate
Karen Styles
Karen StylesConsultant, Associate
Kate Wagler
Kate WaglerSenior Administrator
Kathleen Chan
Kathleen ChanManager, Administration and Accounting
Kris Paulson
Kris PaulsonConsultant, Associate
Larry Malazdrewicz
Larry MalazdrewiczSenior Consultant, Associate
Lynn Kelly-Sabasch
Lynn Kelly-SabaschSenior Consultant, Associate
Michelle Scott
Michelle ScottSenior Consultant, Associate
Shafana Mitha
Shafana MithaSenior Consultant, Associate
Sherry Bouvier
Sherry BouvierSenior Consultant, Associate
Stacey Wade
Stacey WadeSenior Consultant
Tanya Snow
Tanya SnowSenior Consultant, Associate
Todd Pannett
Todd PannettManager, HR Consulting
Tomoya Ouchi
Tomoya OuchiSenior Consultant