Having a strategy is not enough. To grow your business, invest in your leaders.

Led by Cenera’s professionally trained, accredited coaches, we help leading companies develop executives, senior leaders and high-potential employees. Aligning individual goals with strategic objectives, Cenera’s Coaches unlock potential, supporting leaders on their journey to develop the skills to think, act and influence strategically.

Tangible Impacts, Exceptional Outcomes

Connect leadership directly to strategy execution

Nurture, engage and retain top talent

Create a path for succession

Close the diversity gap in leadership

Improve company culture

Boost your bottom-line

Why Choose Cenera?

A Five-Phase Approach for Optimal Results

Our approach to Coaching focuses on improving a leader’s performance and strengthening the alignment between individual goals and the organizational objectives.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Assess need for coaching
  • Meet with stakeholders to discuss priorities, objectives and goals
  • Match client with coach
  • Develop letter of agreement

Step 2: Assessment

  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders for confidential feedback on coaching client
  • Determine additional assessment needs and appropriate tools
  • Conduct assessments and provide feedback

Step 3: Goal Setting & Action Planning

  • Identify high-impact opportunities for development
  • Set specific goals that achieve organizational objectives
  • Develop a specific, measurable and straightforward action plan

Step 4: Action Planning & Applied Learning

  • Regular meetings supplemented with as-needed check-in sessions

    • Review of business environment and any changes
    • Review progress against action plan
    • On-going feedback to support client development
    • Identify resistance to change
    • Develop strategies and resources to support goals and action plan
    • Review situations where client was unsuccessful in demonstrating new behaviour
    • Utilize failure as a learning opportunity that probes new strategies
    • Review follow-up measures and timetables
  • Coach moves between facilitator, mentor, advisor, teacher and challenger

Step 5: Outcome Measurement & Development Plan

  • Assess progress, outcomes, accomplishments
  • Work with stakeholders to assess impact of investment in coaching
  • Provide recommendations for future development
  • Conduct post-coaching survey with HR representative, coaching client and manager

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