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Welcome to Cenera, a proud member of Career Partners International (CPI). Your previous employer has provided you with a Career Transition program from Cenera/CPI and you can expect a full spectrum of support from us. Our team is pleased to share our resources and experience to assist you with your next steps. Your Consultant will discuss all your options so you can determine what will best meet your needs and optimize your transition time with us.

Career Transition Services: What Can You Expect?

One-on-One Coaching with your Dedicated Career Consultant

Your Consultant will work with you throughout your transition and provide ongoing, objective support. You control the pace and agenda for coaching meetings with guidance from your Consultant.

They will help you to:

  • Navigate the transition process,
  • Evaluate and assess careers, skills, and interests, and
  • Develop goals and objectives for career planning.

Career Direction

Each person is unique and your interests, strengths, and goals will determine if your next step includes career exploration, job search, exploring entrepreneurial ventures, assessing retirement readiness or any combination of the above.

Resume Design & Development

We know how important it is for you to stand out in your target job market. Working collaboratively with your Consultant, you’ll develop an accomplishment-based resume that focuses on your strengths and future career goals.

Job Search Support

Work with your Consultant to develop targeted job search strategies and a personalized branding and marketing campaign so you can effectively approach networking contacts, advertised positions, search firms, and target companies.

Social Media Networking Advice

Your Consultant has an in-depth understanding of the role LinkedIn plays in an effective job search. We will help you learn how to set up a branded profile focused on your accomplishments and strategically leverage the power of LinkedIn during your search.

Interview Preparation

Your Consultant will help you learn how to master the art of effective interviewing and acquire the skills to excel in face-to-face, phone, recorded and virtual interviews. Interview role play and feedback from your Consultant will help you refine your answers to typical interview questions and prepare you for even the toughest interview.

Negotiation Strategy

Congratulations – you got the offer! Now what? Your Consultant can help you evaluate the offer and share negotiation tips and strategies to create a win-win for you and your new employer.

Exploring Self-Employment

Thinking of buying or starting a business, contracting or consulting? Your Consultant will help you explore whether self-employment is right for you.

Considering Retirement

Retirement today doesn’t necessarily mean stopping work. For many, it becomes a time of renewal – an opportunity to refocus and rebalance one’s lifestyle intentionally. Our New Horizons™ program helps you identify and plan for new ways of living that speak to your individual goals and aspirations.

We Look Forward To Being A Part Of Your Success!

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