Welcome to FOIP in Real Time: Privacy Fundamentals

The following LINK will allow you to download our FOIP in Real Time: Privacy Fundamentals PowerPoint presentation. Please refer to the email you received from Amanda Shaw, Cenera FOIP – Protecting Privacy Fundamentals Prerequisite Webinar Link & Information, for your password to access the presentation. The presentation is accompanied by sound ‘clips’, please click on the icon to hear the recorded explanations on the slides. Please be aware that this presentation is included in the cost of your registration and is not to be used for any other purposes or to be utilized by any other persons than those registered for the FOIP workshop. All of the Cenera materials are protected by the following licence:

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You will also be receiving an invitation from Amanda Shaw through SurveyMoney to complete the Fundamentals Quiz, this will come as a separate e-mail and may go to your junk inbox, so please check if you haven’t received it. The quiz needs to be completed at least 24 hours prior to the start of the start of the Protecting Privacy workshop. Once you have completed the quiz with at least a score of 75% the Zoom link to the workshop will be e-mailed to you in the afternoon before the workshop.

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