Managing a FOIP Program

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act) training is available to support public bodies in the effective administration of the legislation.

Who: Courses can be taken by any employee of a public body as defined by s. 1(p) and (e) of the FOIP Act. This includes anyone who is a volunteer, appointee or student performing a service for a public body or a person in a contract or agency relationship with a public body.

When: Courses are scheduled September through May each year. Onsite courses can be booked any time at the mutual convenience of the public body and Cenera. The online course can be taken any time.

Where: Courses are held in Edmonton and Calgary throughout the year (See “Instructor-led Training Schedule”). As well, any of the four courses can be delivered onsite (contact Service Alberta for more information or to book an onsite course).

What: There are four instructor-led courses and one online course developed by Service Alberta, the department responsible for the province-wide administration of the FOIP Act. Service Alberta has contracted the delivery of these courses to Cenera, who handles registration, billing and in class instruction. A Certificate of Completion is provided for each course.

Why: Courses are designed to give employees of public bodies an awareness of the FOIP Act and their obligations under it. The more in-depth courses are designed to prepare employees who are responsible for the administration of the FOIP Act for their public body the knowledge and tools to be successful.

Managing a FOIP Program

This is a full day course that provides an overview of the requirements for an effective FOIP program within a public body. Topics covered include managing the access request process, developing policies and procedures for protection of privacy, due diligence exercises such as Privacy Impact Assessments, and preparing for reviews and investigations by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Audience: New FOIP Coordinators or managers responsible for the FOIP Act within their public body.

Prerequisite: Access to Information

Cost : $220.00 + taxes

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