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Managing Information For Function

  • Current State Assessments
  • Business Function Requirements
  • Information Organization, Storage, Retrieval and Retention Processes Design
  • Information Management Policy
  • Digital Continuity and eDiscovery Strategy

Information is notoriously difficult to control – so instead of trying to fit it into a box, get it working for you. Our information management and governance services bring extensive expertise in designing and implementing both paper and digital records management systems that work with your business functions and stay functional in the face of organizational and technological changes. Our methodology employs the functional approach advocated by the new international records management standards, ISO 15489.

My Information Management Is Ailing – But I Can’t Diagnose The Disease

I can’t find the information I need… Nobody’s following information policy and procedures… we create too many records… we create too many records… there are too many regulatory requirements I don’t know about. These are just some of the information management problems every organization faces. Too often, we look to band-aids or an expensive document management system to fix them. But since information is so interconnected with your functions, you first need to identify and apply your business values and business function requirements to your assessment. Only then can you assess how well your information systems are supporting your business and  make successful decisions on designing or redesigning your information management program.

Information Governance By Design

Information Governance isn’t just about bringing all your information services under one roof. It’s a comprehensive redesign of your information organization, storage, retrieval and retention that serves one purpose – your business functions. What about all those new legislative and regulatory requirements I have to impose? Turns out, they become much more manageable when your information is organized and managed functionally.  Functional Information Governance is more scalable, durable, and understandable.  Let us show you how our Information Governance approach marries information with function for a better-designed information management system.

I’ve Gone Digital – But Will It Last?

All the infinite access and multiple use advantages of electronic information are now at your fingertips. But will I be able to use this information 5, 10, or even 50 years from now? With paper or even images, I was just dealing with a few formats – now, there could be hundreds of digital format dependent on specific software and hardware configurations to operate. And how, for instance, do I demonstrate that this e-mail message or financial report is authentic and reliable as evidence in a legal dispute? Using an Information Governance approach, your information management system can identify, prioritize, and implement processes that ensure the continuity and integrity of your electronic records

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