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Are you trying hard to manage a FOIP program while juggling other job responsibilities? Your day-to-day under the FOIP Act may be fine, but are you sometimes struggling with large, complex, or multiple access to information requests? What about responding to a major privacy breach? Would you feel confident if and when the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Office comes calling? Are there ways to make access to information and privacy protection work more efficiently in your public body? Do you need to make your public body’s employees more aware or effectively trained in FOIP?

If those kinds of questions are keeping you up at night, let us help. We offer deep and extensive expertise in all areas of FOIP and privacy management if and when you need it, at costs that make good business sense. This includes assistance with:

  • FOIP requests processing
  • Privacy breach response
  • Security assessments
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)
  • FOIP Training
  • Records Management system assessment and design

We’ve worked as FOIP program officials in various public bodies, so we know what you’re facing. Our knowledge of the legislation and experience in training and working with public bodies sets us apart as FOIP experts. In our approach, we focus on business effectiveness and solutions to ensure that our client services address the unique legal and operational issues of your organization.

Here are some of the key benefits to you and your organization

High-level FOIP expertise for making urgent decisions

We help you make access and privacy decisions with the most current and accurate information available, backed up with years of experience and excellent contacts within the FOIP community. This is especially important in urgent situations, when the costs of mistakes can be especially high.

Getting the job done quickly and efficiently

Processing requests, completing assessments or investigations, or changing systems to meet FOIP requirements can at times be incredibly time-consuming and costly. With our resources and expertise, we can help do the job more quickly and effectively, making it more cost-effective for your organization.

Catching problems before they occur

We can identify and assess your policy and practice risks before they become problems, avoiding costly issues with employees, the public, and regulators.

Information management programs built to last

Cenera designs and implements function-based programs that are built on solid concepts and designed to be stable in a changing information environment – we’re not just putting out fires.

Flexible fee and service arrangements

Depending on your needs, we can provide services that are either hourly or project-based, at costs that are more favorable than other resource options you may be considering.

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