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Chief financial Officer

Our Client – Siksika Nation

The Opportunity

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) reports directly to the Executive Manager, via the Siksika Treasury Board, and is responsible for the effective financial management of the Siksika Nation. The CFO defines the processes for the financial infrastructure and systems required to sustain the Nation and accommodate any future growth. The CFO ultimately sets the financial reporting processes for both internal and external reporting, financial controls and accounting policies. Working closely with the Treasury Board, the CFO participates in the process of setting the Nation’s overall business and financial strategic direction, vision and goals and translating them into effective operational strategies and actions for Treasury and related Service Areas and Entities.


The Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for, but not limited to:

Financial and Accounting Operations

  • Oversee the planning, organization, direction and control of Treasury Board finances.
  • Establish relationships with the leaders of “related bodies” and “agencies of the Siksika Nation” as defined under the Financial Administration Law (FAL), to ensure that the appropriate level of financial accountability exists within these organizations as it relates back to the Treasury Board.
    • Specify policies/by-laws with all departments receiving funds from the Treasury, which outline their financial management and reporting obligations to the Treasury Board, along with any penalties associated with non-compliance.
    • Provide financial information, advice and guidance when necessary to departments receiving funds from the Siksika Treasury.
    • Enforce the financial reporting obligations along with any other obligations of departments receiving funds from the Siksika Treasury.
  • Ensure strong financial management is in place to make informed decisions for the benefit of Siksika Nation members
  • Position and maintain appropriate financial controls as specified in the Siksika Nation Financial Internal Control Policies and Audit management letter.
  • Direct and maintain Financial Transfer Agreements (FTA), other contribution agreements for capital projects and Operations and Maintenance funding (O&M) between the Siksika Nation and Indigenous Service Canada (ISC) and other supplementary contribution and grant agreements.
  • Liaise with “related bodies” and “agencies of the Siksika Nation” as defined under the FAL.
  • Liaise with Federal and Provincial Governments and other external financial services agencies (banks, trust companies and insurance companies) on Siksika Nation financial matters.
  • Administer banking arrangements and loan agreements and communication with the Siksika Nation’s financial institutions.

Policies and Procedures

  • Maintain current knowledge of organization policies and procedures and current accounting standards in Canada to ensure that reporting is consistent with continual changes in generally accepted accounting principles (GAPP).
  • Develop cash management and investment portfolio plans in accordance to FAL and investment strategies.
  • Assert FAL, Siksika Nation Revenue By-Law, Band Expense Policy, Pension Plan Trusteeship, Internal Controls, Travel, Workshop and Conference expenses (Section 60-69), policies and requirements of ISC and other external funding agencies.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the Siksika Nation Capital Plan, Community Plan, O&M, requirements and related special projects.
  • Coordinate policies for investments in pension and similar trusts.


  • Inform Executive Manager and Siksika Service Area Senior Management of their financial position in their respective program area(s).
  • Facilitate understanding of the financial statements to Siksika Council, Executive Manager, related Service Area Senior Management and Siksika members.
  • Develop action plans and recommendations for financial planning (Section 14 of the FAL).
  • Recommend benchmarks and best practices for measuring the financial performance of divisions/departments.
  • Provide internal statements and variance reports to the Treasury Board and Chief and Council (Financial Reporting must be in accordance with Sections 67-76 of the FAL).

Treasury Service Area Management

  • Delegate the necessary authority and create optimum working conditions providing planning, direction and coaching to Treasury Service Area management and staff.
  • Strong commitment to the professional development of staff as well as develop and maintain a succession plan for the Treasury Department, including the CFO position.
  • Provide guidance and coaching on Human Resource Management issues such as promotions or termination.
  • Impart accounting and budget related policies, efficient control, utilization and related information to other Siksika Nation “related bodies” and “agencies to the Siksika Nation” as defined under the FAL.
  • Analyze financial statements, organization activity reports and financial forecasts for accuracy and unusual variances.
  • Review budget and audit related documentation and reports for accuracy.
  • Analyze Service Area business plans to provide recommendations based on the review of external auditors.

Nation Funding

  • Review and gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of Indigenous Service Canada (ISC) funding methodology and funding arrangements (Financial Transfer Agreements and Contribution Agreements) between the Siksika Nation and ISC.
  • Provide direction with grant proposals and other fund-raising activities.

Candidate Profile

The CFO must possess expert knowledge of accounting principles and standards to manage the Treasury and Finance Department at Siksika Nation. The CFO has strong leadership ability, reliable, organized, a team player and excellent communication skills. In this position, the CFO avoids bias in attitude or treatment of employees, Siksika members and creates an environment that inspires others to achieve at a higher level. The CFO provides guidance and direction to department staff and managers across Siksika Nation.

As an ideal candidate, you posses the following education, experience, skills and abilities:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business specializing in Accounting, or Finance, MBA highly desirable.
  • A minimum of 12 years of experience in progressively responsible financial leadership roles, supplemented by a recognized accounting designation.
  • Expert knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, control principles, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) guidelines.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Siksika Nation Financial Administration Law (FAL),
  • Knowledge and understanding of Financial Management Act (FMA), Indian Act and related legislations that impact Canada First Nation funding, program and services.
  • General knowledge of Siksika First Nation, its history as well as moderate ability to speak, understand and communicate in the Siksika language would be an asset.
  • Experience managing large and complex budgets for organizations, preferably in a First Nation environment
  • Establish and maintain effective and professional working relationships with employees, peers, Treasury Board Members and Siksika Governance
  • Demonstrate flexibility and demonstrate strong communication skills and leadership ability.
  • Effectively delegates authority and encourages independence.
  • Motivate Siksika Nation Administration staff within tight deadlines and multi-tasking several projects.
  • Facilitate effective group meetings and provide valuable discussion, constructive feedback and insight.

Additional Information

For additional information please contact the undersigned and/or forward your cover letter and résumé to:

Tomoya Ouchi, RPR
Executive Search Consultant
Cenera Inc.
Phone: 403.294.3784
Toll Free: 800.387.8797
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