Why Vacations Are Important for Productivity

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With the possibility of travel restrictions lifting soon and some return to normalcy on the horizon, many employers can expect to see an increase in vacation day requests. Given the backlog created as many chose to forgo regular vacation plans, ensuring your employees can take delayed vacation time will be an important part of reducing [...]

How Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Career Impact

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Have you ever felt like you just can’t seem to fit in at work? Or, have you felt like a colleague just isn’t understanding the company culture? It likely had nothing to do with work performance but rather something that isn’t talked about in the workplace: emotional intelligence. This article will explain what emotional intelligence [...]

Terminating Employment with Respect

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Loss of employment ranks right up there with other major life losses in terms of stress levels. This is true for everyone. Reactions and emotions may be further amplified depending on whether individuals have been through job loss before and what is going on in their lives at that particular moment. Separation, divorce, a sick [...]

Career Partners International Celebrates 30 Years of Momentum

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Since 1995, Cenera has been a proud partner of Career Partners International serving our clients in Calgary and beyond. Career Partners International Offers Best-in-Class Services for 30 Years Columbus, OH (3/7/17) – Founded in 1987 with a vision for excellence in delivering global services, Career Partners International acclaims its 30th anniversary this year. Career Partners [...]

The Career Insight Group Joins CPI to Offer Our Outstanding Services in Australia

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Career Partners International (CPI) Enhances Global Presence Columbus, OH (2/21/17) – Career Partners International, one of the largest career management consultancies in the world, announces that The Career Insight Group, which includes leading brands Audrey Page and Associates and Directioneering, has joined its group of market-leading brands. This exceptional career management firm offers services across [...]

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