The Top Business Books of 2020

2020 may have been a year unlike any other, but impactful business books kept arriving! Now, Indigo is out with its annual Best Business Books of 2020 list, and The Financial Times and McKinsey & Co. have just named the winner of its 16th annual Business Book of the Year award, just in time for holiday gifting and reading.

Of all of the incredible books about business, leadership and culture that came out this year, here are six of the best business books of 2020 that you could add to your reading list.

No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

by Reed Hastings, Erin Meyer

Netflix cofounder Reed Hastings reveals for the first time the unorthodoxculture behind one of the world’s most innovative, imaginative, and successful companies.

“I had the privilege of learning from Reed personally and studying the Netflix culture. The insights in this book are invaluable to anyone trying to create and sustain organizational culture.”

—Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Birds Of All Feathers: Doing Diversity And Inclusion Right

by Michael Bach

A book isn’t going to end racism or inequity. But it can be a start.

Birds of All Feathers is a timely call to action for employers, HR professionals, managers and employees to address diversity and inclusion – because it”s not just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do.

“Birds of All Feathers has become my essential guide to being a better employer. It’s fearless, funny, engaging, refreshingly frank, and full of Bach’s characteristic compassion and humanity. Come for the advice, stay for the stories of what it’s like to work in the inclusion trenches.”

Margaret Eaton, National CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association

How To Decide: Simple Tools For Making Better Choices

by Annie Duke

Through a blend of compelling exercises, illustrations, and stories, the bestselling author of Thinking in Bets will train you to combat your own biases, address your weaknesses, and help you become a better and more confident decision-maker.

“This is a vitally important book. Simple, powerful and generous, it should be required reading.”

Seth Godin, author of This is Marketing

Indigenomics: Taking A Seat At The Economic Table

by Carol Anne Hilton

Igniting the $100 billion Indigenous economy. It is time. It is time to increase the visibility, role, and responsibility of the emerging modern Indigenous economy and the people involved. This is the foundation for economic reconciliation. This is Indigenomics.

Indigenomics lays out the tenets of the emerging Indigenous economy, built around relationships, multigenerational stewardship of resources, and care for all.

Highlights include:

  • The ongoing power shift and rise of the modern Indigenous economy
  • Voices of leading Indigenous business leaders
  • The unfolding story in the law courts that is testing Canada”s relationship with Indigenous peoples
  • Exposure of the false media narrative of Indigenous dependency
  • A new narrative, rooted in the reality on the ground, that Indigenous peoples are economic powerhouses
  • On the ground examples of the emerging Indigenous economy.

Indigenomics calls for a new model of development, one that advances Indigenous self-determination, collective well-being, and reconciliation. This is vital reading for business leaders and entrepreneurs, Indigenous organizations and nations, governments and policymakers, and economists.

No Filter: The Inside Story Of Instagram

by Sarah Frier

In this “sequel to The Social Network,” award-winning reporter Sarah Frier reveals the never-before-told story of how Instagram became the most culturally defining app of the decade.

“No Filter is a vibrant play-by-play of how Instagram reached that level of influence through the business of manufacturing coolness….Frier’s version of that story is rich with details, based on hundreds of interviews including sit-downs with the app’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Armed with their perspective, Frier is able to draw a line between each decision the founders made and the cultural consequences….The irresistible drama of No Filter plays out between the founders and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.”


Leadership Strategy And Tactics: Field Manual

by Jocko Willink

The ultimate guide on leadership from the bestselling co-author of Extreme Ownership.

To be one of the most popular books ever at all on is quite a feat. “Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual” by former U.S. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink is one of those books. It’s a quick, engaging, no-nonsense guide to effective leadership in just about every professional and personal setting. The book provides guidance from historical and contemporary context that any reader serious about improving their leadership skills will find essential.

Anthony J. Sadar, The Washington Times

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Have you read and enjoyed any of these books already? Are there any that didn’t make the list that should have? Which books are you most looking forward to reading in 2021?

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