In part 1 of this 2-part series I told you about a recent experience I had with job seekers who were overwhelmed by impact technology has had on job search over the past 10 years. We discussed embracing change and letting the technology work for you. You can read part one here

In this second and final part of the series we’ll be covering the use of keywords and the importance of practice and preparation.

3. Keywords are king

You’ve applied for a job that looks like a great fit. You meet the skills, experience and qualifications that they require. You are clearly an ideal candidate for a role, but you don’t receive a phone call. What happened? If your LinkedIn profile or the resume that you submit into an ATS doesn’t contain the right keywords, your resume or profile might never be seen by the hiring manager and you might end up feeling frustrated and overlooked.

Once you understand that the resume pre-screen is done by a machine, you can move past being offended and start being savvy. There is immense value in taking the time to customize your resume and cover letter to reflect the language used in the job posting. Likewise, you’ll want to anticipate the keywords that a recruiter would use to search for someone like you on LinkedIn or another database and ensure that your profile contains those words… multiple times.

4. Practice and preparation

Before any content is added online, create it in a document format. Proof read it and edit it. Is it well written? Does it contain keywords? Does it reflect your professional brand?
Before conducting a video pre-screen or interview, prepare as you would for a face to face interview. Know your content, know what you want to convey and practice answering questions you anticipate being asked. Be comfortable enough with your understanding of the role, the organization, and your resume to keep your responses conversational.

Conduct some research to understand how to make a great impression via video. Technology, setup and lighting, done well, can differentiate you from other candidates.
Finally, if you haven’t already, consider engaging a Career Transition (CT) Coach. The CT Coaches at Cenera are well versed in current recruitment technologies and are ready to share their expertise to ensure that you are comfortable using technology as a tool for job search success.