It’s a strong belief of ours here at Cenera that privacy is centred on people, trust, and relationships. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity for the long-term success of your organization.

Think of any reputable institutions that you know. They are likely built on the trust of their people, which is why effective information and privacy management is both proactive and reactive in supporting all aspects of your organization, and its reputation.

Any organization – public or private – handling sensitive information is obligated to consider and implement a privacy and information management strategy and program. How your organization collects, uses, stores, and discloses and protects information matters, whether it’s a business transaction, or the personal information of an employee, customer, client, patient, or student. If a privacy breach happens, it can have detrimental consequences, such as regulatory sanctions, monetary penalties, and reputational damage. Good privacy and information management programs provide assurance that people and organizations are protected and feel safe doing business with you.

Did You Know? The average cost of a privacy breach is $3.92 million USD, according to IBM security.

Using a collaborative approach, the team here at Cenera can provide advice, develop programs and tools, and train your staff to get ahead of risks, understand compliance, build trust and confidence with your clients, and will help protect you from reputational damage. We are experts on privacy laws and strategies. We can help you pinpoint the ones that matter most to your organization, while creating a transformational strategy for the longevity of your business.

When it comes to investing in a privacy and information management strategy and program that protects your organization, the ROI is high – here are just a few ways your business can benefit!

Comply with Privacy Laws and Regulations

In many industries, having a Privacy Impact Assessment in place is the law. Failing to comply can result in hefty fines, and if a data breach occurs, the penalties are even more significant. Cenera’s privacy experts can help you navigate the laws and policies while ensuring your organization is managing information securely.

Enhance Your Brand

When your organization values privacy and is transparent and consistent about your efforts to implement a privacy and information management strategy, you build loyalty with your customers, clients, employees and the public at large. Investing in privacy and data management shows that your organization cares about confidentiality, can be trusted with sensitive data, and will go to great lengths to protect it.

Prevent Privacy and Security Breaches

Having privacy policies in place and ensuring your team is well trained on procedures and processes concerning data storage, access, and protection creates a privacy culture within your organization. With human error continuing to be a leading cause of data breaches, your privacy and information management programs and practices will help you safeguard your business from threats, both internally and externally.

Make Your Information Work for You

… not the other way around! Information is notoriously difficult to control – so instead of trying to fit it into a box, get it working for you. Our information management and governance services bring extensive expertise in designing and implementing both paper and digital records management systems that work with your business functions and stay functional in the face of organizational and technological changes.

 Maintain Trust

If you appear on the evening news as the latest organization to suffer a privacy breach, your partners, customers, patients, and investors will start to reconsider their involvement with you. Reputational loss arising from a privacy breach or poor information practices can be irrecoverable, especially if you are responsible for safeguarding sensitive data. Creating and using information resources safely and effectively isn’t easy, which is why it is highly critical to have a Privacy and Information Management Strategy that protects your people and your business.

Cenera is trusted by Alberta’s leading organizations to manage risk strategically. We are problem solvers, positive thinkers, collaborative, passionate, versatile and accountable. Let’s talk about your Privacy and Information Management Strategy and how we can help your organization build trust, both internally and externally.

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