Leadership trends have always been a hot topic, but today more than ever team leads, managers, and owners need to stay on top of the current trends shaping the rapidly evolving workforce.

This leadership trend summary looks at the most critical business drivers to consider in the year ahead so that your employees stay motivated, guided and engaged.

Leading Multigenerational Teams

Generational diversity truly is the ultimate competitive advantage. From boomers to millennials, the leaders of tomorrow must know how to bridge generational gaps, accept differences, accommodate flexibility in work styles and perspectives, and encourage cross-generational collaboration and learning opportunities.

Empowering Female Leadership

Women account for just over half of the population in Canada, yet remain underrepresented in leadership positions. In 2015, only 8.5% of the highest-paid positions at Canada’s 100 largest firms were held by women. A more recent poll from Randstad Canada found that gender stereotypes, discrimination, and unconscious bias are still holding women back.

Addressing the gender disparity is critical. Having women in leadership positions is not only good for the bottom line, but it’s also the right thing to do. Effective leaders must build more inclusive workplace cultures, learn how to manage and minimize organizational bias, and cultivate an environment where everyone can succeed.

Managing Remote Employees 

Recent research from Gallup found that workers who spend three to four days working offsite are considerably more engaged, productive, and happy in their jobs than traditional counterparts who are tied to their desks. With nearly 50% of Canadians working outside of central offices already, we expect the rise of remote and flexible work to transform management roles in a major way.

Business leaders must work with employees to develop new work styles and policies that accommodate flexible work. Equip your team with adequate technology, training on disciplinary excellence, and clear remote work policies and expectations. Consider investing in cloud-based software and tools that empower collaboration, project management, time tracking, regular status updates, instant messaging, and accountability.

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