Blog from our global partner: by Jim Davidson

Preparation for an interview is often exhausting! After all the networking is done to connect to the hiring manager, you hear that there is a position that you are qualified for and begin your research and preparation for the big day. You review the company information on One Source or other online tool. You prepare your two minute drill so that you can break the ice. You practice, and practice, and practice.

On the big day you deliver your two minute drill with confidence, and you ask if you are the kind of person they are looking for – to get some indication from the interviewer what is important to them. You then go though all your carefully prepared accomplishment stories and tie them back to the requirements of the job. After a stellar performance, you are told that you are certainly an outstanding candidate and that the company will get back in touch with you.

Later that evening you wonder how long should you wait before you call them back for an update and you worry, worry, worry. Sometimes the call never comes.

REWIND… Let’s go back to the end of the interview now.

With a carefully prepared question or two, you can remove all the worry from the equation. When the interviewer says the company will get back to you, ask, “When should I expect to hear from you?”  If the interviewer says, “by Friday next week,” then ask, “Would it be alright if I called you on the Monday following if I do not hear from you?”  Most interviewers will assure you that will not be necessary but they will normally agree. In this scenario you can now get on with the rest of your job search and know you have CONTROL of the situation if you do not receive that call on Friday. You will find that you are more productive, will sleep better, and receive a prompt answer, one way or the other, if you keep control after the interview.

I would appreciate hearing of any other tips you may have on controlling the interview process.