Workplace Investigations

Choose an external investigator when:

  • Internal employees are too busy or too close to a situation,
  • Your team lacks the required investigative experience and expertise, or
  • The subject matter of the complaint is contentious or potentially litigious.

Cenera’s experienced, skilled Investigators base case management on these Key Principles:

Neutrality: Investigators have no personal stake in the outcome of the investigation and do not pre-judge the issues or parties.

Fairness: All parties involved have a chance to provide all relevant information for the Investigator’s consideration.

Thoroughness: The Investigator makes every reasonable effort to uncover all the information needed to make a well-informed, objective decision and to ensure, on a balance of probabilities, that findings are supported: substantiated, unsubstantiated or inconclusive.

Timeliness: Investigations are completed as quickly and as reasonably as possible so the employer can impose discipline, implement restorative measures, prevent possible further misconduct, and reduce risk of future liability or challenges.

Steps to Cenera’s Investigations

Review the complaint with the employer, and identify the key parties, issues, scope and timeframe.

Identify and review applicable company policies, relevant physical evidence, and any additional legal considerations, such as Worker’s Compensation or Human Rights issues.

Conduct interviews, at a private, neutral location, with all the identified parties, and manage all ongoing communications with those parties and the employer. Ensure all confidentiality agreements and acknowledgements are signed.

Write and deliver to the employer, a report outlining the allegations, an analysis of the evidence and the findings, and make recommendations for action based on corporate policy, recognized standards, and legal obligations.

Secure and maintain in confidence, all notes, evidence and other materials for future use by the employer.

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