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Develop Effective Leaders And Employees

Cenera has an extensive inventory or employee and leadership development programs. They focus on people management, interpersonal skills, communications, leadership, problem solving, decision making, customer service etc.

We tailor each program to meet the specific needs of the program participants and the organizations objectives in running the programs.

Applying What You Learn Makes All The Difference

Our customized, modular programs allow participants to learn manageable amounts during each session and then have time to apply it back on the job. We reinforce the learning by providing coaching back on the job on how to apply the learning in their daily situations. In this way there is a significant increase in the learning that is translated into on the job performance. This provides your organization with a much greater return on your training investment.

Building Teams That Work

Work teams have become a fundamental approach to how work effectively gets done in organizations today. Organizations bring together people with the right skill sets from across the organization and expect them to work together effectively.

Our team building initiatives assist teams to clarify their mandate, develop the project plan, determine how members are going to work together and build the skills that they need to be effective. The return on investment in developing the team’s effectiveness can be seen in greater productivity, on-time deliverables and high quality work.

Online Learning That Gives You 24/7 Access

We also provide a comprehensive set of on-learning programs through our partnership with Skillsoft. A world class provider of online learning.

Please contact us to learn more about the comprehensive set of development programs for you leaders and employees.

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