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Customized, Pragmatic Solutions To Fit Your Organization’s Size And Needs

Our consultants have designed and implemented practical programs to assist our clients address their most pressing organization needs. We customize each program to fit your organization’s size and needs. One size does not fit all!

Recruit Only Qualified Staff That Fit Your Corporate Culture

We provide a systematic and objective process to recruitment and select the best candidates that not only have the right technical qualification but also fit your organization’s culture.

Find Out Why You’re Losing Talent And Prevent It

We audit your current employment programs and work environment to identify the reason why you are losing talented employees. We then recommend changes to various programs or work environment elements to help retain the people who help make your business successful.

Planning For The Future

Companies large and small need to ensure that they have clear plans in place should they lose people in key positions. Whether they are people in key leadership roles or uniquely skilled employees that are critical to your business, we help you to develop plans to ensure your operations will not be adversely affected should someone leave your organization.

Identify The Talent You’ll Need To Grow

It is keeping tougher and tougher to find the workers you need to grow your business or even to maintain current operations. Our workforce planning process will assist you to identify your talent requirements in the coming years. Whether it is to support your growth plans or to deal with baby boomers retiring, you need to have practical, implemental plans in place to ensure you have the talent you need when you need them.

Managing Performance Isn’t About Filling Out A Form

Study after study has shown that most performance management processes do not do what was originally intended. Managing employees is not about filling out forms or using computer programs, they are a small part of the process. It is about clearly defining work priorities. Ensuring employees know where they should be focusing their efforts and getting them the coaching and feedback they need to improve where needed and to know when they are doing a good job. Recognizing the right performance as soon as it occurs results in employees doing more, giving you their discretionary effort and that translates in improved organizational performance and a more profitable business.

Effective Policies Are No Accident

Many organizations resist the need for polices. They feel that they are imposing a rule book. However effective polices layout in advance how various situations will be handled and what employees can expect from the organization. This clarity eliminates the perception that we make up the rule to suit the situation or worse the individual.

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