If you manage people, you don’t need us to tell you that life happens. Elderly parents require care, kids get sick, busses get cancelled, appointments pop up, and employees look to management for flexibility as they try to navigate work-life demands.

As we prepare for Family Day here in Canada, Cenera’s coaches have been thinking about what leaders and executives can do to make their workplaces more family-friendly.

Leaders must be proactive in keeping their workers healthy and balanced. Going beyond lip service and policies and truly allowing employees to fulfill obligations on both sides of their lives will boost morale, engagement and satisfaction at work. As your organization builds a family-friendly reputation, employees will be more likely to stay, and top talent will be more likely to join you.

Here are three things leaders can do to make the workplace more family-friendly.

First, Build a Culture of Accountability

Building a family-friendly workplace means trusting your employees to work efficiently and independently at times. Accountability is key to creating the trust needed to achieve excellent outcomes.

  • Define and communicate results and expectations
  • Gain buy-in and commitment from your team
  • Hire accountable employees
  • Coach employees on how to be accountable
  • Hold each other accountable

Second, Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

Offering flexible work arrangements, whether through formal company policies or informal agreements, creates space for employees to deal with pressures on the home front, while still meeting their work duties, expectations, and deadlines.

Common flexible work arrangements include:

  • Flextime
  • Telework/telecommuting
  • Compressed workweek
  • Job sharing
  • Remote working
  • Allowing unpaid time off for significant life events
  • Leaves and sabbaticals

Third, Lead by Example

Speed of the leader, speed of the team. If you want to encourage your employees to find a healthy balance between work and life, as a manager, you need to walk the talk.

  • Focus on employee productivity vs. hours
  • Encourage breaks
  • Discourage employees from working long hours and weekends
  • Give employees Family Day and other public holidays off
  • Acknowledge that every employee is different
  • Lead by example: leave the office on time, take breaks, don’t email outside of office hours

If your organization needs support in creating a family-friendly workplace that supports employees in participating in all aspects of their work and life entirely, Cenera’s Executive Coaches can help.

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