Join us for Harnessing the Potential of Virtual Teams, a CPI Webinar Series program, on March 12th or 14th, 2019 as we discuss how to bring out the best in your remote workforce. Many organizations already have or are beginning to introduce remote workers to their team. The benefits of this arrangement are numerous. Leaders can source scare talent from all over the world, not limited to a commutable range. With constant improvements in technology, connectivity becomes easier despite physical separation. Engagement and retention are improved. Employers are even keeping cost down by reducing worksite overhead.

Whether they have given their teams an added perk of remote work flexibility or have just assembled a completely virtual “dream team” many employers are still struggling to see the promised returns of a digital team. Why are these teams not delivering at the level of their onsite counterparts despite being, on paper, a superior group of employees? Bill Florin of Learning Dynamics joins us to discuss some of the more treacherous obstacles to realizing the potential of a virtual team.

With over three decades of experience in evolving workplace best practices, the team from Learning Dynamics will be illuminating the most frequent disruptors to team productivity and proposing practical resolutions. We will explore ways to increase engagement, develop relationships, and bridge cultural differences. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to identify ways to get things done. With the proper guidance your teams can deliver on those promises of effectiveness and efficiency, achieving well beyond your current results and expectations

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