Glenn Tibbles, PartnerIn September 2017, Glenn Tibbles, Partner at Cenera was elected to the University of Calgary Senate.  The Senate, comprised of appointed Faculty, Staff and Alumni and augmented by community members creates a bridge between the University and the wider community.  Its purpose is to represent the public interest, promote the university on local, national and international levels, influence decision makers, foster student interests, and promote and recognize excellence.

As a senior business leader in Calgary, Glenn is well prepared to add this important community responsibility to his portfolio.  With successful careers in the airline, corporate trust, not-for-profit and human capital consulting fields, Glenn has a keen understanding of challenges facing organizations today.

“I’m humbled to be chosen to be involved with the University of Calgary”, Glenn commented.  “I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the University’s ongoing relationships in Calgary.”

Glenn Tibbles joins his other business partners in community service. Partner, Debra Johnstone is Board Chair for Oxford House – Homes for Recovery.  Partner, Pam Corbett chairs the board of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, while Partner Jim Fries is Chair of the Foothills Academy Society Board of Governors. Partner, Bruce Wade recently stepped down from the Board of Calgary Meals on Wheels after several years of service. And Rick Klumpenhouwer, Partner, serves The Legal Archives Society in an ex-officio capacity.

“As a business leader, it’s important to give back”, said Pam Corbett. “The Cenera team represents a lot of knowledge in business, human resources and management.  Not only are we able to share this with our many clients, we’re able to help make Calgary a better place to live through the volunteer organizations we serve.”