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Thriving In The Whitewater Of Change

Today’s business environment is constantly changing. To compete and succeed, companies need to be clear on their direction and then execute flawlessly. They must be able to anticipate changes in the market place and be agile to make necessary changes quickly.

Proven Methodologies That Address Your Critical Needs

Whether it is a new business strategy, market place change, new technology, additional programs and services or changes to how or where work gets done, we work closely with your organization combining your knowledge and our abilities to create a ‘made in your organization solution’ that then gets implemented.

Rapid Change Requires Employee Support

The pace of change is accelerating and the number of changes affecting your employees simultaneously can create a ‘white water’ effect in which many employees struggle to survive. The goal is to ensure that employees understand where the organization is going with each change and how they need to align their behaviour to support the change.

Developing And Implementing Plans That Work

We take into account the needs, abilities, and readiness of your employees and use our depth of expertise in business change to develop and implement plans that work.

Our change management plans include:

  • Identification of the key stakeholders and their perspectives about the change
  • Identification of barriers that will need to be overcome and opportunities that can be leveraged in implementing the change
  • Development of comprehensive transition and change management plans that include:
    • Employee engagement plans
    • Multi channel communication plans
    • Capability development strategies
    • Changes to other workplace practices to align them with the objectives of the change
    • Performance measures to access the progress of the change

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"Our relationship with Cenera stretches back almost ten years. What has made the relationship so successful over that time is their focus on getting to know and understand their customer’s needs; rather than a prescriptive approach."


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