Leveraging Emotional Intelligence During a Crisis

The current economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is adding substantial stress to many businesses in Alberta and across the globe. When an organization is hit with a crisis, approaching the challenge with emotional intelligence is of utmost importance. Emotional intelligence refers to “your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and [...]

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Conducting Virtual or Remote Notifications/Downsizings

Originally published at www.cphrab.ca. Steve Cutler is a Career Transition Consultant and Manager, Client Services at Cenera, a Calgary-based Human Resources consulting firm. He combines learnings from his own personal downsizing experiences with a passion for career search and advises both individuals and organizations. He loves engaging in thoughtful dialogue about a variety of subjects including career selection, [...]

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Working at Home: Information Privacy and Security Guide

In the office, the necessary online security protocols are already in place, but that may not necessarily be the case in a remote work environment. Now that you’ve been operating remotely for many weeks and may continue to do so, ensure your organization’s personal and sensitive business information is properly protected by reading our latest [...]

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Building Workplace Trust No Matter Where You’re Working

Originally published at www.cphrab.ca/building-workplace-trust-no-matter-where-youre-working.  “The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust is the key professional and personal competency of our time.” - Stephen Covey Sheri Brake, the Director and Practice Lead of the Human Resources Consulting Practice at Cenera, a Calgary based firm, has spent the past two years studying the importance of [...]

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Mental Health Week in Calgary: Physical Distance is Required, Social Connection is Necessary

COVID-19 has had an undeniable impact on Albertans. Whether it be job security, economic difficulties, or just trying to get used to the new norm, we at Cenera understand how hard it can be to try and take on these challenges alone. Connecting to this year’s theme of “social connection,” the start of Mental Health [...]

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Complimentary Career Transition Resources

If you are experiencing job loss due to COVID-19 and have no other professional support, we are here to help. It can seem overwhelming with so much to do, notifying friends and family, taking care of finances, making new plans for benefits, and starting a job search. Know that you are not alone and that [...]

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Working Remotely in the Pandemic: Silver Linings and Learnings

On March 17th, the Cenera team joined the fight against COVID-19 by moving all operations remotely. As you can imagine, the abrupt transition did not come without its challenges. As an organization of 25+ people who worked predominately in-person at the office, our team came together in remarkably quick fashion to adapt to our new [...]

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Coaching Through Crisis

Leaders, we hear you, and we see you. Leading through COVID-19 has not been easy, and business is far from usual. In these trying times, we encourage you to ask for help and lean on the support our professional business coaches can provide. During the pandemic, Cenera is pleased to offer a new Coaching Through [...]

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How To Support Working Parents Through COVID-19

The gravity of COVID-19 has settled in and working from home has become the norm. Still, working parents are feeling the pressure, and many are struggling to balance the demands of their home and professional life. Working from home with kids is hard, especially when schools, daycares, recreational facilities, and even outdoor parks are closed. [...]

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Physical, Not Social Distancing: Staying Connected While Working Remotely

COVID-19 has transformed life as we know it. To slow the spread of the virus, Canadians have been advised to stay home, work remotely and practice social distancing. And while it is too soon to say how this change will affect us longterm, many of our clients are concerned about feeling isolated, anxious and disconnected [...]

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