Has Your Privacy Program Kept Up With Your Digital Transformation?

To get back to business amid the pandemic, organizations everywhere underwent a massive digital transformation, which allowed vital business operations to continue but also introduced new risks. When organizations treat privacy concerns as secondary issues (especially when change is happening at a rapid speed), mistakes happen. And unfortunately, privacy mistakes are not particularly forgiving, often [...]

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Research: 3 Biases That Shape Decision-Making During A Crisis

Implicit bias, also known as unconscious bias, can have a significant impact on decisions in all areas of life, especially in the workplace, and especially in times of crises. Organizational leaders have a responsibility to remain objective when making important decisions. However, when a crisis hits, it hits fast and unexpectedly. When forced to make [...]

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As Work Moves Home, So Does Bullying And Harassment

The coronavirus lockdown measures moved many workplaces home, and in some cases, bullying and harassment have followed. Is the Future of Work Remote? A recent Gartner survey suggests that 74% of CFO's and finance leaders plan to shift at least 5% of previously on-site employees to permanently remote positions after the pandemic. And while not [...]

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Is a Hybrid Workforce the Way of the Future?

Despite Alberta's economy opening back up and students going back to school this fall, the pandemic is not over. In fact, as recently as July 27, Dr. Deena Hinshaw declared, “the curve is no longer flat in Alberta.” Meanwhile, cities and towns across the province continue to debate mandatory masks, following bylaws being passed in Banff, Calgary [...]

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Turning Downtime into Privacy Time

During the summer months, when colleagues and clients are on holidays and work is slower, it’s the perfect time to prioritize and strengthen your information and privacy management program. 2020 has been a year of disruption and transformation, and when the crisis eases, we will have entered a new digital normal. Have your privacy policies [...]

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A Roadmap For Returning To The Office After the Lockdown

After several months at home, some organizations are transitioning back to the office. Unfortunately, it is not going to be as simple as unlocking the door. In the wake of the pandemic, the workplace must be reimagined, and leaders who are ready to transition teams back into the office need an intentional reopening plan. If [...]

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Is Your Remote Workplace Toxic?

If you're like most people in 2020, you've probably found yourself working and leading from home, experiencing a multitude of operational complexities and concerns. One area of focus that mustn't be ignored is maintaining and promoting a professional and respectful workplace culture. When you work from home, every day might be (very) casual Friday, but [...]

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Leadership in Times of Layoffs

© 2016 by David Irvine. Permission to reprint and circulate was granted.  The decision to downsize and the choice of who is to be laid off can be so wrenching that many managers have little energy left to consider what happens after the layoff.  How do you help the shell-shocked survivors recover and move forward [...]

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After Terminations, Support the Survivors

Downsizing is a high-stress experience that everyone feels, whether it’s the loss of your job, witnessing layoffs within your company, giving the notifications, or just knowing friends and colleagues will be facing unemployment. As Calgary companies navigate change, Cenera's Career Transition professionals have supported organizations and individuals through the difficult process of employee terminations. And while it's [...]

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Privacy Best Practices for Your Teams Working Remotely and Beyond

According to Angus Reid Institute, only 36% of Canadians who are currently working from home expect to return to the office full-time once the pandemic is over. With remote work being the norm now, and perhaps for many in the foreseeable future, are your organization’s privacy programs and policies up to scratch? Now more than [...]

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