Workplace Bullying: Causes, Effects and Prevention

Recent insights from Statistics Canada uncover just how widespread and problematic workplace bullying has become within Canadian workplaces. The results, based on StatsCan’s General Social Survey, revealed that 19% of Canadian women and 13% of men reported being harassed in the workplace, with verbal abuse being the most common form of harassment. As part of [...]

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Privacy Protection During COVID: Can Employers Disclose Employee Health Information?

Employers are faced with a variety of challenges due to the pandemic, but one pressing concern is how we can best manage employee outbreaks while still respecting personal privacy. Employers are asking: what information can we collect and share? In this article, we explore privacy considerations and provide practical advice on how to manage and [...]

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Why Workplace ‘Bored-Out’ is the New Burnout (And What Employers Can Do About It)

While working from home has its perks, though they may be less obvious, there are drawbacks. And one drawback, in particular, is wreaking havoc on employee motivation, productivity and job satisfaction. The culprit? Boredom. Yes, boredom. Brace for Work from Home Side Effects When you think about it, the world of work has undergone a [...]

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Employee Monitoring and Surveillance: How Far is Too Far?

With remote work becoming the norm, more employers have implemented digital tracking tools and surveillance software solutions like Hubstaff and Time Doctor to monitor employee activities, engagement and productivity. And while keeping tabs on employee website use and keystroke activity may seem harmless at first, the recent surge in workplace surveillance and digital supervision has [...]

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Why Newly Appointed Leaders Fail

Whether an organization promotes an employee from within or spends months recruiting, interviewing and vetting candidates externally, there’s always room for failure. With any change, there are going to be growing pains and stumbling blocks, but if your organization is planning to promote or hire a new leader to drive your organization forward, it’s important [...]

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Cenera Celebrates World Gratitude Day

Happy World Gratitude Day! We’re living through unusual and trying times, which is why it’s perhaps more important than ever to focus on gratitude. We asked the Cenera team to tell us one thing they are thankful for. Here's what they had to say... I am grateful for many, many things, including Cenera and my [...]

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Managing and Conducting Workplace Investigations Fairly

While employers may be aware of their obligation to take workplace complaints seriously, uncertainty persists around investigating allegations of misconduct properly and fairly. In this article, we shed some light on how "fairness" is defined and understood in the context of a workplace investigation, common mistakes employers make when investigating complaints, consequences of a shoddy [...]

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HR Trends for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Last December, we released a 2020 HR trends blog that covered up and coming innovations and predictions for the year ahead. Of course, we did not predict COVID-19 or the profound impact the global pandemic would have on our lives at home, at work and in our communities. A lot has changed in 2020. Office workers have left their [...]

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Has Your Privacy Program Kept Up With Your Digital Transformation?

To get back to business amid the pandemic, organizations everywhere underwent a massive digital transformation, which allowed vital business operations to continue but also introduced new risks. When organizations treat privacy concerns as secondary issues (especially when change is happening at a rapid speed), mistakes happen. And unfortunately, privacy mistakes are not particularly forgiving, often [...]

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Research: 3 Biases That Shape Decision-Making During A Crisis

Implicit bias, also known as unconscious bias, can have a significant impact on decisions in all areas of life, especially in the workplace, and especially in times of crises. Organizational leaders have a responsibility to remain objective when making important decisions. However, when a crisis hits, it hits fast and unexpectedly. When forced to make [...]

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