Remote and Recorded Interviews: 7 Tips for Success

There are a number of Calgary-based organizations that are using video interviewing platforms such as Skype for live interviews and HireVue for recorded interviews. Proponents claim that the tools reduce bias and increase diversity, candidate flexibility, and recruiter productivity. What is your take on these tools? Approaching either of these interview situations requires some preparation. As a [...]

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5 Tough Questions… Are you Ready?

At its worst, an interview becomes a series of stilted questions and answers.  At its best, it is a conversation between people invested in the discussion and keenly interested in learning more about one another. We don’t advocate memorizing answers to interview questions.   You should, however, spend time determining what information you want to share [...]

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Maybe you Shouldn’t do an Employee Survey… 3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Started

Sometimes, when a client engages us to work with them on an employee engagement/satisfaction survey we talk ourselves out of the work. Or, more specifically we question ourselves out of the work. We’re ok with that. Here’s why… Too often we hear stories of organizations that conduct elaborate “satisfaction” surveys or obligatory annual surveys and [...]

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The Intersection – where Human Resources meets Health and Safety

Legislative changes in 2018 will highlight the importance of these two departments being in lock-step. The legalization of marijuana and the implementation of OHS Bill 30 in Alberta will highlight the need for Human Resources (HR) and Health and Safety (H&S) to be aligned and working closely together. The proposed legalization of marijuana introduces issues [...]

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Job Loss and Mental Health

Working in the field of career transition reveals that each person’s situation and reaction to job loss is uniquely their own.  Some individuals come to us fired up and ready to work on their resume, LinkedIn profile and networking strategy. However, sometimes we meet individuals who are tired, scared, and having trouble envisioning a positive [...]

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The Overwhelming Rise of Recruitment Technology (part 2/2)

In part 1 of this 2-part series I told you about a recent experience I had with job seekers who were overwhelmed by impact technology has had on job search over the past 10 years. We discussed embracing change and letting the technology work for you. You can read part one here In this second [...]

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The Overwhelming Rise of Recruitment Technology (part 1/2)

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a diverse group (skill, experience, age) of professionals who are in career transition. The proposed topic was "video interviewing", which rapidly morphed into "video interviewing: how not to hate it". The conversation that ensued made me contemplate the level of overwhelm that these professionals were experiencing. Many [...]

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Make Your List and Then Think Twice: Smart Watches for Kids

Thinking about buying your child a Smart Watch for Christmas? According to security experts, you might want to think twice… Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see exactly where little Susie is when she’s out playing with friends at the neighbourhood park? Or at the zoo with her class? Maybe even set a [...]

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What a Year it has been for Human Resources Management!

2017 has been a landmark year for Human Resources Practitioners in Alberta. We saw the introduction of the Fair and Friendly Workplace Act (formerly Bill 17) in Alberta; and federally we are addressing the imminent arrival of cannabis legalization and the proposed extension of parental leave. These are exciting times in the world of Human [...]

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Cenera Leader Adds New Community Role

In September 2017, Glenn Tibbles, Partner at Cenera was elected to the University of Calgary Senate.  The Senate, comprised of appointed Faculty, Staff and Alumni and augmented by community members creates a bridge between the University and the wider community.  Its purpose is to represent the public interest, promote the university on local, national and [...]

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