Methodology for Assessing Credibility in a Workplace Investigation

In an ideal world, there would be little to no ambiguity surrounding the ‘facts’ of a workplace investigation. Accounts provided by witnesses would always be consistent, making it relatively straightforward to determine exactly what has occurred. In reality, it is not uncommon for people to present two very different sets of facts when recalling the [...]

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Decision Fatigue: How a Coach Can Help Business Leaders Avoid Decision-Making Burnout

Should we hire candidate A or candidate B? Will we work with the supplier who charges less or the one who offers more? Do we need a new strategy to reach our business goals? These are just a few of the important kinds of decisions that managers and business leaders face every day. As 'information [...]

Our Guide to Remote Employee Onboarding

There's no question that a great onboarding process is critical to employee success. A lack of clarity, communication and support in the first foundational weeks and months of a new role is the fastest way to see enthusiasm, productivity, and employee retention rates plummet. Even before the pandemic, onboarding was a challenge for many organizations. [...]

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Case Study: Lance’s Career Transition Experience with Cenera

In our new blog segment, we're interviewing some of our past Career Transition program participants to learn more about how they approached their job search and the services and supports they received from Cenera throughout their Career Transition process. Today we chat with Lance V., who participated in our Career Transition program in 2021. Hi [...]

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Protecting Employee Mental Health During a Workplace Investigation

Every organization has a duty to investigate reported or even suspected incidents of employee misconduct or prohibited activity. While a prompt response with a neutral, fair and organized investigative process is essential to enable resolution of the immediate issues and to move toward workplace restoration, there are additional considerations. Given the complexity and stress involved [...]

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Opportunity Knocks: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and the Hiring Process

While there is widespread agreement that diverse, inclusive workplaces are a good thing, the hard reality is that Indigenous people, people of colour, women and all other equity-deserving groups continue to be underrepresented in the workforce. A new Statistics Canada study looked at data on women executives from an intersectional lens and found that disparities by gender [...]

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Return-to-the-Office Privacy Concerns: How to Ensure Privacy with a Hybrid Model

As the future of the workplace continues to evolve, many companies are opting for hybrid models that combine the benefits and flexibility of working from home with the team-building and creativity that shared office space provides. And as the pandemic rages on, the need for hybrid and remote work options will continue to be essential [...]

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The Top Questions to Ask Your Coach (And One to Ask Yourself)

Business leaders have many reasons for choosing to work with a professional coach. Whether they're looking to pursue a strategic goal, receive honest feedback, or work with an experienced advisor in the decision-making process, a business coach can help current (and future) leaders unlock their full potential. But to get the most out of a [...]

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Five Strategies to Optimize Your Application for Remote Roles

According to research from Statistics Canada, as of January 2021, 32% of Canadian employees worked most of their hours from home – that's compared to just 4% in 2016! The same research also showed that 80% of new remote workers wanted to work at least half of their hours from home once the pandemic is over. So, while [...]

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Our Top Tips for Getting into the Holiday Spirit in Remote Workplaces

Whether your business is permanently or temporarily remote, one of the biggest challenges teams face is maintaining connection and company culture when most of your communicating is done on a screen. While there are plenty of advantages to remote work, building rapport amongst teams will be one of the primary challenges businesses face as we [...]

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