When HR Gets It Wrong: Employer Faces Steep Consequences for Failing to Investigate Harassment

If we can learn anything from recent workplace harassment headlines, it's that companies don't always get it right. In fact, in the case of Heidi Bassanese, a 73-year-old administrator, her employer got it very wrong. What Happened Bassanese worked in an administrative role at German Canadian News Co. Ltd (GCN) for nearly two decades before being wrongfully terminated. [...]

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Managing Organizational Bias – An Action Plan

Bias evolves from the human tendency to subconsciously categorize and extrapolate based on previous experience. Cognitive biases impact our judgement and can make irrational judgements and decisions seem rational. Bias is often attributed to social stereotypes, leading to unintentional discrimination, unequal opportunity and ineffective policies and practices. However, bias can also significantly impact our rational decision-making [...]

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10 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats for 2019

As we look back on 2019, there was no shortage of notable data breaches in the news, from Alberta Health Services to TransUnion Canada. In fact, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) reported 446 breaches between November 2018 and June 2019 alone - nearly six times the number of reports received during the same period last year. [...]

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Five Tips On Motivating Employees In The Workplace

As much as we like to think that employees are intrinsically motivated to bounce out of bed every morning, come to work, and give their best effort each day, this isn't always the case. Statistics show that "60% of [Canadian] employees are not engaged at work," which can negatively impact productivity, morale and, ultimately, your [...]

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The Limits of #MeToo

The #MeToo movement has opened doors and set the stage for organizations to step up and fully address behaviours that have come under scrutiny, since conversations about sexual assault and harassment in the workplace have been brought into the open. Harassment, bullying, and discrimination come in many forms, and it's the law in Alberta for [...]

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Onboarding For Increased Retention

A robust HR strategy that includes a well-designed onboarding program is imperative for employee success and retention. An onboarding plan helps both parties become acquainted, and ensures your new hires understand the culture, processes, policies, and work expected of them. Onboarding also offers the opportunity to make a great first impression and to set your [...]

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Privacy and Information Management – the Business Benefits

It’s a strong belief of ours here at Cenera that privacy is centred on people, trust, and relationships. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity for the long-term success of your organization. Think of any reputable institutions that you know. They are likely built on the trust of their people, which is why effective information [...]

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5 Dangerous Workplace Habits That Lower Productivity

Productivity is something that everyone strives to conquer. Whether it be in your personal life or at work, getting the maximum number of tasks checked off your to-do list in a day is the ultimate goal. However, when procrastination and a lack of motivation and focus set in, your to-do list seems to go right [...]

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5 Key Steps for a Proper Workplace Investigation

Issues arise amongst employees every day, and it's your job, as the employer, to manage these differences and determine when further action is required. Issues may be brought to your attention by the affected employee, but you may also become aware when others report, or by merely observing workplace behaviour. Most office friction can be [...]

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Tips for Managing Workplace Stress And Burnout

Managing the workload and stress level of your team and avoiding burnout is crucial for the success of your organization. Empowered teams are typically collaborative, hardworking, and results-driven, which ultimately improves employee retention.   Employees may be experiencing elevated levels of stress due to high expectations of themselves, negative feedback or lack of feedback, feeling underappreciated, [...]

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