Preserving Your Confidence and Mental Health During a Career Transition: Interview with Derrick Shirley, Registered Psychologist

Derrick Shirley is a Registered Psychologist with a private practice based in Calgary, Alberta. Derrick's work focuses on career counselling, men's mental health, youth transitioning to adulthood, relationship health, and anxiety and depression. Derrick works with Cenera and Career Partners International as part of the Career Transition team. With Cenera, Derrick leads workshops and monthly group sessions for [...]

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Returning to Work After Vacation

Have you ever experienced the dreaded "post-vacation blues"? Chances are, you're not alone. A 2019 study from travel website Kayak found that nearly half of Canadians reported feeling stressed about returning to work after vacation often while still on their trip! Post-vacation blues is a short-term mood swing that can occur after an important life event like [...]

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The True Costs of Workplace Bullying

Do you know what workplace bullying is costing your business? Even as business leaders prioritize inclusive and psychologically safe work environments, workplace bullying remains a significant and costly challenge in Canada. A recent study looking at harassment and violence in Canadian workplaces found that 71.4% of workers experienced at least one form of harassment and abuse [...]

Why Business Leaders Need to be Worried About Burnout

Do you know how to recognize burnout in the workplace? Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, workers worldwide faced unprecedented changes to working conditions, leading to growing awareness and concern about burnout and its impacts on employees and business effectiveness. First identified and described in the 1960s, burnout is not a new phenomenon.  What is new are the dramatic [...]

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The Risks and Benefits of Using AI in Human Resources

Human Resources professionals are regularly tasked with navigating intricate decision-making, analyzing complex problems and managing large volumes of information. So, it’s no surprise that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly common across the sector. Given the likelihood that use of AI technology will only continue to grow in the coming years, we [...]

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How to Leverage Your Personal Brand in a Career Transition

Facing a career transition is challenging, but it can also be an incredibly exciting time of personal growth and exploration. Whether you’re looking to change careers or find a new role in the same field, a career transition is a great opportunity to take stock of your unique skills and attributes, consider your goals and [...]

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How to Recognize an Employee Who Could Benefit from Coaching

Whether you’re looking to improve performance, build strong teams, establish open communication or increase employee engagement and retention, there are many reasons to work with a coach. Great organizations know; when you invest in your people, the rewards pay dividends to your business. However, one of the often overlooked benefits of working with a coach [...]

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Making the Most of Paid Time Off: The Importance of Using Your Vacation Time

As the first half of the year draws to a close, and summer approaches, stepping away from the office is very likely top of mind for many of us. The benefits of vacation time are well documented. They include stress relief, improved physical and mental health, increased happiness, and better overall well-being (read more about [...]

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Why Career Transition Support Still Matters In a Hot Employment Market

Scorching. On fire. Hot. You may have recently heard these “buzz words” about Canada’s labour market. According to Statistics Canada, Canada’s labour market added 337,000 jobs in February, more than balancing the loss of 200,000 jobs in January. Canada’s jobless rate has fallen to below pre-pandemic levels. A candidate-driven market where job postings are bountiful, [...]

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The Benefits of Outsourcing HR for Tech Start-Ups

In the fast-paced and growing tech sector, Human Resources needs to be a key component in your growth strategy. Factors including compensation, employee benefits, employee recruitment, onboarding and other HR processes often need to happen simultaneously as start-ups pursue product launches while rapidly scaling up their teams. As you know, first impression is everything. Taking [...]

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