In the fast-paced and growing tech sector, Human Resources needs to be a key component in your growth strategy. Factors including compensation, employee benefits, employee recruitment, onboarding and other HR processes often need to happen simultaneously as start-ups pursue product launches while rapidly scaling up their teams.

As you know, first impression is everything. Taking care of new employees through an organized HR process is an important part of your company culture and can make or break an employee’s introduction to your brand. While you may want to equip new hires to hit the ground running and feel supported throughout their employment, you don’t always have the internal capacity or expertise to keep up with your HR employment legislation and workload.

That’s why, for many tech start-ups, outsourcing your HR needs to an experienced Human Resources consultant is the right call. A strong HR consulting team can decrease the amount of risk liability from a human capital perspective and enhance your overall company direction. When you’re busy launching a new company or product, outsourcing your human capital management can ensure you set your employees up for success, saving you time, money and avoiding issues down the road. Let’s look at how.

1.     Access to Unique Expertise

HR specialists know the processes, employment legislation and best practices for managing people. When you work with an external consultant, you can leverage decades of expertise that would likely cost you significant time and money to build internally. An HR consultant can also provide you with the right tools and technology to streamline and simplify your HR processes, giving you more time to focus on your business.

2.     Regulation Compliance and Risk Reduction

Maintaining meticulous compliance with various regulations in the industry is critical to managing risks and costs. A solid HR consultant can offer you support in multiple areas, from workplace investigations to privacy and information management. Rules and regulations for employment practices also change frequently and an HR consultant can help you adapt.

3.     Save Time & Focus on Innovation

What start-up company couldn’t use more time?

Outsourcing Human Resource can include many items such as HR administration, payroll, search & recruitment, talent management, employee performance or policy development which allows you and your team more time to stay focused on your big-picture goals. Employees who are supported by exceptional and accessible HR services will be better positioned to focus on innovation and creativity.

4.     Ramp up Recruitment

The tech sector is highly competitive, and your recruitment needs will need to evolve as your company grows. The reality is that Search & Recruitment takes a lot of effort to do well, especially when it comes to highly specialized roles. During a hiring boom, having a partner with specialized knowledge in this area can help you find the most qualified candidates or recruit cross-functional talent from other industries. In today’s ultra-competitive business world, attracting the best talent is one step, but you also need to give new hires a great introduction to your company. A comprehensive onboarding process covering at least the first 90 days is crucial to setting employees up for success and seeing excellent productivity and retention rates.

5.     Build Your Culture

By working with an experienced HR consultant, you can better define what sets you apart as a company and leverage it to build a strong company culture. Having a strong company culture will not only allow you to attract first-rate talent but also maintain this talent. A good HR consultant can offer you comprehensive employee services and supports, from business and leadership development/coaching to establishing company culture events, identifying mentorship opportunities and developing incentive programs.

There are so many ways your start-up business can lean on external HR services. Depending on your goals, the pace of your growth and your company needs, outsourcing your HR to an experienced consultant may be the right choice for you.


Creating a supportive environment for your employees is important no matter your industry or the size of your business, but in the highly competitive tech sector, relying on external HR experts makes good business sense.

If you need help with any HR functions for your tech company, start-up or small business, the HR experts at Cenera can help. We have over 25 years of experience building strong workplaces, and we customize our services and supports to meet your unique business functions and needs.

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