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Cenera Consulting: When You Stop Growing, We Can Help.

When Canada’s leading workwear brand contacted Cenera, they had a problem:  having achieved consistent 10-20% annual growth, year-on-year, they’d hit a wall.

Like many companies of their size, they’d been growing at a rate they’d struggled to keep up with in terms of processes, policies, staff training and human resources.

The customers were there and they had a willingness to seize the opportunity, but their internal chaos was holding them back.

Businesses reaching this stage in growth often liken it to reaching adolescence: frustrating, confusing and with a lot of conflicting emotions.

What Cenera Did

After meeting with their senior management team, we put our own team together: a selection of experts based on the client’s needs and concerns.

This team worked directly with the in-house senior management team to help them define their strategy and work out the internal processes that would get them there.

We re-defined every job role in the organization and supported them with the change management required to ensure this was communicated and implemented at every level.

We also tackled their HR processes; establishing best practices to allow them to continue to grow and overhauled an impractical commission structure for their sales teams.

The Result

Within three months, revenues were up 40% in affected regions.  Similar results ensued across the company.  Staff were happier because processes had been put in place to support productivity and the organization was better prepared for further growth.

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