How to Volunteer in Calgary

Choosing a volunteer opportunity is not very different than selecting a job posting to apply for.  But while the same factors are important, you will probably weigh these factors differently depending on what you want to get out of the volunteer experience. Know what you want out of volunteering.  Volunteers benefit from volunteering in many [...]

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Why Consider Volunteering as a Job Search Strategy

I am guessing that you are reading this post because you are considering what you can do to make your resume, your Linked-In profile and your network move into top gear and give you that competitive edge in a tight job market. So why would you possibly want to take time “away” from job seeking [...]

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Holiday Season Networking

It seems we are often asked by our clients if they should take a break from their job search over the holidays. Chances are you won’t get many interviews, but this is a great time to network and look ahead to the New Year. How can you hit the ground running? By networking like crazy [...]

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Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Times are tough, no question about it. There are a lot of people looking for work at the moment. And surprisingly a lot of people are finding work. These aren’t the stories you hear on the radio or in the newspaper. I guess nothing sells like doom and gloom. We know from our work with [...]

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Remembering The Right to be Forgotten

A colleague of mine received automated notices from two LinkedIn connections recently.  This, of course, is what LinkedIn is there for – to keep you up to date and informed about the status and activities of professionals in your field.  There was a difference about getting these notices, however.  The two professionals had died within [...]

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Executive Coaching for Impact

Blog from our global partner: Career Partners International – Tulsa / Russ Knight When a company invests in development of any kind, the goal is to help individual employees and the organization succeed. Individually, the focuses of goals are about results – behavioral changes to improve outcomes. For the organization investing in development, improved results are [...]

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A Business Case for the Use of Assessment Tools in Talent Management

Assessment Tools (aka psychometric assessments) are growing in popularity by businesses worldwide for talent management, as well as by individuals, for personal development and career planning. A scientifically proven instrument can be of significant value for matching the right person to the right job, as well as identifying areas of strength and for personal development [...]

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Leading in Today’s Rapidly Changing Global Environment

Blog from our global partner: Maria Drew, Career Partners International - Florida/Caribbean. A once common belief was that the best leaders treated everyone equally and consistently. However, the newest thinking on the subject is that this does not drive organizational or even personal success. Instead the best approach is to be a flexible leader who [...]

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Privacy, security and peace of mind – you can have it all!

We live in a mobile world.  That’s not likely going to change any time soon.  We have mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Some of these devices are for personal use, some for work and some are now in that crazy mixed use “Bring Your Own Device” category.   And in this mobile world we are all [...]

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Do You Treat Your Leaders and Employees as Well as You Treat Your Equipment?

Blog from our global partner: Career Partners International. A Best Case Scenario OK, let’s size this up. Your company has invested $500,000 in a new physical asset. The base price was $250,000, bells and whistles were $50,000 and the agent was another $60,000. In weeks you’ll need to move this high-dollar asset halfway across the [...]

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